Client: Leading Apparel Retailer 

What we did

  • Replaced 3 awkward hardware appliances with the all-in-one BeBroadband solution
  • Ended network latency issues and increased average upload speed by 20X thanks to our multi-connection bonding feature
  • Helped the customer break free from their vendor lock-in
  • Improved profit, brand compliance and customer experience

The challenge

The apparel retailer had a critical need for a secure, reliable and fast network to support its cash registers, security cameras, digital signage and in-store entertainment, and VoIP devices.

The store location we visited was in an area that was only served by a single VDSL line.  Over time the line experienced unpredictable service interruptions. Unable to process payments, the financial success of the location and the customer experience were at stake. Updates to the in-store entertainment and video walls being delayed because of the issue meant that they risked consistency in the customer experience and faced brand compliance challenges.

To solve these issues, we needed to ensure connection availability, stability, and speed.

How we did it

Our team assisted a service provider in diagnosing the cause of the ongoing intermittent connectivity issues at the retail location. We soon learned that the problem was more complex than initially considered.

It wasn’t just the quality of the WAN connection, but the way the network was built. There were 4 network and security appliances at the branch location, each serving their own purpose, but also each representing a potential point of failure and an ongoing cause of network latency.

Deploying BeBroadband from allowed the service provider to implement a solution which delivered the availability, stability, and speed required. Utilising the multi-connection bonding feature – two 4G cellular sim cards were added to the existing VDSL connection and the aggregated result was an increase of 20x for the average upload speed. The triple bonded connection also meant that if the VDSL line experienced interruptions the cellular cards from 2 carriers would be able to carry the data load by themselves. Needless to say, the unintended benefit to business continuity was appreciated by the retailer.

The 3 hardware appliances with independent management platforms were replaced by the BeBroadband all-in-one solution.  This reduced potential points of failure, eliminated conflicting policies on the legacy hardware that was slowing down the network traffic, and gave the customer a single place to check on network connectivity, optimization and security.  Replacing the hardware also meant assisting the customer to break free from the shackles of vendor lock-in, freeing them to work with any hardware/software provider their hearts’ desire.

BeBroadband solved the apparel retailer’s critical need for a secure, reliable and fast solution to support its cash registers, security cameras, digital signage and in-store entertainment, and VoIP devices

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