Public Safety Connectivity Simplified

All-in-one connectivity, cyber-security, resiliency, visibility & control

A public safety deployment of BeBroadband in a solar powered environment

Traditional public safety network architecture is best described as scattered.  Lots of tools controlled across multiple agencies with no way to manage them all. You need to get the most out of your connectivity and all but guarantee that it is available when needed.

BeBroadband is SD-WAN/SASE and so much more to achieve superior connection availability and control when the ones who go above and beyond the call of duty need it most.

Meeting the needs of public safety agencies including: 

  • All your internet connections visible and managed from the BeBroadband portal 
  • Rohde & Schwarz WAN Optimization powers application specific data prioritization when networks are loaded or coverage is weak 
  • Check Point SASE architecture keeps your data away from the bad guys and lets you thwart their attacks 
  • Check Point device protection for edge appliances 
  • Overcome poor coverage with multi-connection bonding 
  • Free up internal IT resources for other mission critical projects 
  • Connect seamlessly across multiple clouds or at the edge 

Designed for service providers: 

  • Centralized multi-tenant orchestration for visibility and control across customer networks 
  • Opportunity to private label, driving customer loyalty and your brand 
  • Simplicity accelerates sales cycles and lowers customer acquisition costs 
  • Zero Touch Provisioning and bulk profiling for scale 
  • Simple flat pricing, regardless of bandwidth required 
  • Lowest TCO on the market 

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