’s BeBroadband™ as a Service Solution for Service Providers

Trust Network Access (BeTNA) represents a security paradigm that considers every entity attempting to connect to a network as potentially hostile. Based on ZTNA technology, within the BeTNA framework, a user’s role and permissions become irrelevant. To access internal applications or resources, users must authenticate and continually validate their identity. This is typically achieved through stringent access controls and through ongoing contextual and behavioral verification.

  • Service Offerings:
    • Full-service and Managed Cloud-based Sure Connectivity (Managed SD-WAN) to Service Providers (xSP) as an SD-WAN/SASE/SSE-as-a-Service (SD-WANaaS).
  • Benefits for xSPs:
    • Reliable, Secure, High-Performing Connectivity.
    • Integration of Connectivity and Orchestration Software.
    • Reduced OPEX with’s comprehensive B2B2B model, eliminating capital expenditures. The sales cycle is streamlined, as is the xSP’s Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC). Operational processes are simplified; oversees all services, leaving xSPs responsible only for the initial customer inquiry and support.
  • Subscription and Licensing Model:
    • covers vendor licensing fees, ensuring uninterrupted network functionality for xSPs’ businesses.
  • Cost-Effectiveness and Performance Optimization:
    • xSPs pay a license fee for necessary capabilities, resulting in cost-effective solutions and enhanced network performance.
  • Operational Simplification:
    • handles service provision, allowing xSPs to focus on the initial customer inquiry and support.
  • Additional Advantages:
    • No capital expenditures for xSPs.
    • Zero sales cycle and Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC).
  • Issue Resolution:
    • takes charge of resolution if issues persist.
  • Contact Information:
    • Relevant contact details provided for further inquiries.
  • Multi-tenancy:
    • Multi-tenancy is a key component of’s as a Service’s Orchestrator. In this software architecture, a single instance of an application serves multiple customers (tenants). Each tenant’s data and configuration are logically isolated, enabling them to use the same application with distinct settings and data. Common in cloud computing, this approach optimizes resource utilization, scalability, and cost-effectiveness. The layout effectively conveys critical information about’s services for xSPs.

This layout succinctly conveys critical information about’s services for xSPs.

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