The first software-defined, cloud-based network architecture that grows with you

Security, connectivity, networking and management
all fused into a single platform

An elegant SD-WAN SASE platform
equipped with everything

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Absolute flexibility

Lean and efficient IT teams

Assign multi-tenant profiles at scale based on business and policy enforcement needs

No-hassle integration

3rd party integration & programmability capabilities for easy customization of APIs

Zero-touch provisioning

Zero-touch deployment with minimal or no configuration changes for rapid branch

Tech agnostic

Use any or mix and match cloud providers, from Amazon to Microsoft, Google or other

Overcoming internet infrastructure issues

  • WAN/LAN optimization as-a-Service

  • Choose from multi-connection bonding or seamlessly fail-over to secondary connection in case of outage or link quality fluctuations

  • Layer multi-connection bonding, smart load balancing & link aggregation on top of existing internet connections for assured application performance

  • Leverage low-cost bandwidth on multiple WANs

Flexible enough to use any connectivity

  • Maximize WAN connectivity over any private and public underlay network including VDSL, MPLS, LTE, fiber and 4G & 5G

  • Deploy solutions in locations where limited internet infrastructure is available

Top-grade security with no impact on performance

  • Check Point Device Intrusion Protection for all edge device included

  • Fend off the most sophisticated device attacks including zero-day firmware vulnerabilities

  • Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) enables secure access to internal applications for remote users available from Check Point

Secure your data from anywhere to anywhere

  • Creating a secure tunnels perimeters to secure any data center and cloud to any edge

  • Securely create and implement centralized device configurations across the WAN

A powerful no-fail architecture, because no one can afford downtime

  • Steer traffic in real-time over the internet or MPLS link for excellent performance at all times

  • SD-secured connectivity controller that supports underlay and overlay layers for easy management of routers, switches and wireless

  • Internet breakout lets you offload business traffic of local branches and remote offices, and route it directly via a local internet service provider (ISP)

  • AI traffic engineering designed to achieve network efficiency enhanced by WAN optimization based on Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) provided by Rodhe & Schwarz

A single pane of glass orchestrator means one platform for all your network visibility

  • User-friendly interface for easy firmware upgrades, flexible management, policy enforcement and more

  • Multi-tenancy capabilities to separate networks based on traffic regulation and compliance requirements

Analytics & reporting

  • Analytics tools for increased visibility of application performance and network data

  • Single pane of glass, centralized view of the entire multi-tenant WAN infrastructure, dynamic user profiles to support any type of customer

Easy troubleshooting

  • Quickly detect and easily solve any network issue

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