BeBroadband™ Zero-Touch Provisioning (ZTP)

Zero-Touch Provisioning (ZTP) is a robust capability offered by’s BeBroadband as a Service – ZTP, empowering IT teams and integrators to efficiently and remotely prepare clusters for installation. This process significantly reduces the time required to transition from pilot testing to full-scale production. In this demonstration, Scale Computing will showcase ZTP live, in collaboration with our esteemed Day delegates, with the aim of highlighting the substantial time savings typically associated with Day-0 tasks.’s BeBroadband as a Service – Zero-Touch Provisioning streamlines tasks such as updating operating systems, deploying patches or bug fixes, and incorporating additional features prior to connection. This automation proves particularly advantageous in extensive environments with numerous devices to update or configure. For instance, configuring hundreds of routers is more efficiently accomplished using ZTP compared to the manual configuration of each device. Similarly, when updates are necessary for these routers, ZTP proves to be the more efficient choice.

ZTP also proves invaluable in scenarios where an organization is required to expand its array of devices and IT resources. The process of configuring each device becomes more manageable with ZTP, leading to savings in time and cost through automated provisioning.

Individual configuration of network switches necessitates additional time and effort for connectivity. IT staff must allocate extended periods configuring each system or switch through a command-line interface. Provisioning and configuring tens or hundreds of switches in most data centers represents a significant time investment.

Advantages of BeBroadband as a Service’s ZTP include:

  • Automated setup of network devices
  • Reduced time spent on manual tasks, as IT teams are only required to perform straightforward activities like connecting power and network cables or booting the device
  • Decreased time to achieve operational status for network devices
  • Cost savings due to reduced time spent on manual tasks
  • Streamlined and accelerated update processes
  • Decreased likelihood of human error

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