BeBroadband® as a Service Empower Your Community – Building a Stronger Safety Net: How a Public Safety Ecosystem with BeBroadband® as a Service Can Empower Your Community

In today’s digital age, public Safety relies on more than just patrol cars and sirens. A robust public safety ecosystem is essential for efficient emergency response, proactive crime prevention, and citizen engagement. This ecosystem connects various technologies, services, and infrastructure to create a seamless and secure network for protecting your community.’s BeBroadband® as a Service plays a vital role in this network, providing the secure and reliable foundation needed for all your public safety initiatives. BeBroadband® as a Service goes beyond just connectivity – it’s a comprehensive platform that integrates and includes a full solution

BeBroadband® as a Service Comprehensive Platform


Offers agility, security, and prioritization of critical applications, ensuring smooth information flow during emergencies. Managed SD-WAN services take the burden off internal IT teams.


Combines network security functions with cloud access security broker (CASB) capabilities, protecting data and applications wherever users access them.


Provides additional security for cloud-based applications and services.



Grants access to authorized users and devices only to the specific resources they need, minimizing the attack surface.

The Importance of a Strong Foundation

Imagine a first responder trying to access critical data during an emergency – only to be met with a slow or unreliable network. A well-designed public safety ecosystem prevents such scenarios. Here’s why a strong foundation matters:

Next-Generation 9-1-1 (NG9-1-1): This technology allows citizens to send text, photos, and videos during emergencies, improving response times and accuracy. BeBroadband® as a Service provides the perfect platform for NG9-1-1 with its:

  • Scalability: Accommodates increasing data traffic as more citizens utilize features like video calls during emergencies.
  • Security: Ensures the confidentiality and integrity of sensitive data transmissions.
  • Reliability: Guarantees uptime and uninterrupted communication during critical situations.

Building the Ecosystem

Here are key components for a thriving public safety ecosystem, all powered by the reliability, security, and comprehensive features of BeBroadband® as a Service:

  • Secure and Reliable Network: seamlessly integrates BeBroadband® as a Service with an SD-WAN solution for optimal network performance.
  • Unbreakable Security: BeBroadband® as a Service provides the secure foundation for your cybersecurity measures to function effectively. This includes features like SASE, SSE, and ZTNA functionalities.
  • Power at the Edge: BeBroadband® as a Service ensures the secure and reliable transport of data to and from edge devices, enabling faster response times and real-time analysis through edge computing.
  • Public Safety as a Service (PSaaS): BeBroadband® as a Service can complement PSaaS solutions by providing the secure and reliable network connectivity needed for them to function optimally.

The Future of Public Safety

By embracing digital transformation and building a strong public safety ecosystem with BeBroadband™ as a Service, communities can benefit from:

  • Enhanced Response Times: Faster information sharing and real-time data analysis lead to quicker emergency response.
  • Proactive Crime Prevention: Data-driven insights can help identify crime hotspots and allocate resources effectively.
  • Improved Citizen Engagement: Two-way communication channels foster trust and empower citizens to be active participants in safety initiatives.

Building a public safety ecosystem with BeBroadband® as a Service is an investment in your community’s well-being. By embracing new technologies and partnering with, public safety agencies can create a safer and more secure environment for everyone.

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