Client: Distributed live streaming

tv in circle

What we did

  • Reduced churn
  • Improved coverage
  • Zero touch deployment
  • Connection visibility

The challenge

Content provider delivering stored and live 4K video across national network of TV displays in restaurants, stores and public spaces is dependent on exiting local infrastructure including cellular connections that suffer inconsistent bandwidth and reduced availability during peak hours. Video delivery is impacted.

How we did it

Managed Service Provider deployed BeBroadband™ multi-connection bonding which achieves aggregate bandwidth through combining multiple connections regardless of internet provider or type of WAN. Non-essential applications were blocked and monitoring and troubleshooting capabilities were introduced.


Solved connection availability issue resulting in increased sales and  customer experience. Reduced OpEx and CapEx for additional hardware and associated services. Achieved network visibility and control.

Overcame mobile network challenges including coverage and availability in crowded locations resulting in reliable live 4K video streaming across the network of screens.  Device downtime was reduced as a result ofself service portal capabilities to avoid outages, and visibility to better determine root cause without rolling a truck when issues did arise.

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