BeBroadband® as a Service Case Study- Retail Secured Networking

Customer: AUSA based service provider, with a nationwide presence, who provides networking and security services to an apparel retailer with tens of stores in shopping malls nationwide.
Each store is connected to the tenant’s private cloud for CRM and ERP access, and a public cloud for PoS services.
The tenant positions himself as a premium brand and therefore is very sensitive to the customer experience and general QoS in their operations.

The Problem:

Several apparel stores are located in malls with outdated networks that can’t support the tenant’s expectations for higher and faster throughput to service their high-end customer experience.

Networking problems at the stores’ edge caused the core network security to lose edge connection. Therefore, the security system was disabled, during peak hours.

The service provider looked for a replacement solution, with specifications to provide:

  1. Zero networking latency for supporting the in-store premium customer standards.
  2. Uninterrupted operations of network branch security.

The Solution:

The service provider chose BeBroadband® as a Service to set up a secured network environment over the cloud, to operate the network security service over the cloud rather than at the edge.

In this scenario, the BeBroadband® as a Service edge units were configured to prioritize critical traffic.

Using BeBroadband® as a Service bonding capabilities, the service provider connected an additional 2 cellular modems to each edge device, creating a single bonded and secured link to boost the tenant’s branches broadband throughput.

The results for the service provider:

  • Deployed a full network security platform
  • Was able to ensure real-time connectivity to support business-critical services
  • Substantially reduced tenant’s network trouble tickets and on-site truck rolls

All from a single appliance deployed at each edge location managed from a cloud-based Orchestrator.

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