Revolutionizing Financial Customer Security: A Case Study with Check Point and BeBroadband as a Service

In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, ensuring the security of financial data is paramount for both businesses and their customers. Connectivity service providers (CSPs) play a crucial role in facilitating secure communication. This article presents a compelling use case illustrating how a connectivity service provider leveraged BeBroadband as a Service from together with next-gen solutions by Check Point, to fortify the security of its financial customer using a cloud-based connectivity solution.

Introduction: The Need for Enhanced Security

Financial institutions face stringent regulatory requirements and increasing cyber threats, making robust network security indispensable. In response to these challenges, our CSP partner sought innovative solutions to safeguard the sensitive data of its financial clientele. The Trigger for the upgrade was the need of the financial customer to comply with new regulations.

BeBroadband as a Service: A Comprehensive Solution’s BeBroadband as a Service emerged as a transformative solution, offering a cloud-based networking platform tailored to the needs of service providers’ SME/SMB customers. Through the robust partnership between and Check Point, integrating BeBroadband with CheckPoint’s CloudGuard for centralized cloud-based security and CheckPoint nano agent over BBT’s edge devices for local security, our CSP partner could ensure end-to-end protection of data transmission.

Enhanced Security with BeTNA

Furthermore, with BeTNA (BE Trusted Network Access), our service provider delivered secured connections for users globally, mitigating the risks associated with remote access and ensuring compliance with regulatory standards across borders.

Performance Upgrade Triggered by Compliance Needs

Recognizing the importance of not only security but also performance, the CSP initiated a network upgrade triggered by compliance needs, leveraging BeBroadband WAN optimization powered by R&S. This upgrade not only addressed compliance concerns but also significantly enhanced network speed and efficiency, providing a seamless experience for end-users.

The Outcome: Secure and Efficient Connectivity

The implementation of BeBroadband as a Service resulted in a paradigm shift for our CSP partner and its financial customer. The enhanced security measures provided peace of mind, ensuring compliance with regulatory frameworks while mitigating cyber threats. Simultaneously, the performance upgrade delivered faster and more reliable network connectivity, empowering the financial institution to operate efficiently and effectively.

Conclusion: A Testament to Innovation and Collaboration

In an era where cybersecurity threats loom large, collaboration between technology providers and connectivity service providers is crucial to staying ahead of evolving challenges. The successful deployment of BeBroadband as a Service in securing financial data stands as a testament to the strong partnership between Check Point and, showcasing the power of innovation and collaboration in addressing complex cybersecurity concerns. As businesses continue to navigate the digital landscape, solutions like BeBroadband offer a beacon of hope, enabling them to safeguard their most valuable assets—customer trust and data integrity.

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