BeBroadband® as a Service Case Study- Desert Branches Connectivity

An MSP, with a nationwide presence, that provides networking services to a particular customer (Tenant) with several branches, within a desert rural area in the south of the USA, who shares a high volume of classified information between each office over a private and secure cloud, including high bandwidth real-time HD video, has been tasked with developing a functional solution to support their current and future network demands.

The Problem:

There is little to no broadband infrastructure near any of the branch offices with poor cellular coverage from any of the 3 big cellular ISPs operating in the area, which makes it virtually impossible to share high-volumes of data or give remote support to any of the branches.

As the tenant requested, the project targets were to provide:

  1. Real-time stable connectivity to support high-volume data
  2. Highly secure environment
  3. Full pro-active and re-active remote support by the service provider to support all the network functionality

The Solution:

After choosing the BeBroadband® as a Service platform, the service provider was able to support all needs of the customer.

Designed for service providers, The BeBroadband® as a Service platform was able to support all tenant requests, with few modifications. These modifications were simply configurable using the GUI provided through BeBroadband® as a Service’s Orchestrator, from within the operator’s private cloud environment.

After setting up the cloud environment, the service provider deployed the edge devices over its tenant’s branches in a matter of days, using our BeNTP configuration.

Using BeBroadband® as a Service’s bonding capabilities, the service provider connected 4 cellular modems to each edge device, creating a single bonded and secured link using the available coverage for each of the tenant’s branches.

In addition to creating an encrypted network, the service provider used BeBroadband® as a Service security to provide an encrypted network within the cloud environment to the edge devices.

In conclusion, the Service Provider:

  • Deployed a full network security platform
  • Was able to ensure real-time high volume connectivity and throughput
  • Substantially reduced tenant’s network trouble tickets and on-site truck rolls

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